Tony Moly Berry Berry Whitening Sleeping Mask

Tony Moly Berry Berry Whitening Sleeping Mask, as clear as a mountain spring, provides your skin with ample moisture and nutrients while you sleep, allowing tired skin to relax. By applying it, It seems that you are in a berry orchard in your sleep. Once you wake up, your skin will become so sweet and delicate that it will look brand-new.
It contains cherry extract and arbutin, a medically accredited whitening ingredient. It penetrates deeply into the skin and controls melanin production to brighten your skin while providing intensive nutrition and moisture on your skin, leaving the skin delicate, fair and supple.

How to use it
Use it as a substitute for cream at night. Apply an appropriate amount to face and neck. Then gently massage and tab until thoroughly absorbed. Rinse off in the next morning.

Cherry, rosemary, chamomile extract, polygoni cuspidati rhizome, liquorice, gold, centellae herba, green tea

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